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What we offer

Slowly, over the years more fabrication work has been undertaken from adding huge flanges to equally huge tubes, to building narrow boats.

We have machines that roll groove, plasma cutters for up to 40mm thick steel, a "steel worker" machine that sheers and punches holes and a new state of the art drilling machine.

Product & Services

We have a large range of tubes available from 25mm OD to 914mm OD with a variety of wall thicknesses, including CHS, BS1387 and seamless at competitive prices. We deal in mostly new tube, however, occasionally we offer down-graded or second-hand tube, which can be financially beneficial especially if the intended use is transient. With metal prices currently so high, we make sure we get it right first time which has the added advantage of accurate supply times for our customers.

What we do:   While we have the skills to do almost any type of fabricating work, we are best known for: roll grooving, burning, sawing, drilling, grinding, polishing, welding etc. We also offer exotic welding, and welding with oversized clear bakelite shrouds for improved surface cleanliness on stainless steel.

For many years, we have been producing stainless steel profiles that are used in MRI scanners and specialist pressure vessels too; we've even built 2 narrow boats that are currently navigating our vast canal network.

To complement our tube stock, we carry Victaulic joints and weld-on rings, also Viking Johnson fitments, welding fittings, elbows, flanges etc.

No job is too big or too small. We have a large fabrication bay to deal with most welding requirements.

We cut to length and weld stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, tubes, plates, beams, channel etc., also roll grooving and cut grooving tube for Victaulic joints. When the finished tubes are on display, we paint them the colour specified by our customers.

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